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12 Days of Christmas

christmas presentA very Merry Christmas to you!!! I love my callers, my naughty boys, my kinky couples, and I wanted to do something special for you all!!!

I am doing a very special 12 Days of Christmas promotion!

I am going to do a very naughty version of the 12 days of Christmas. 

Starting December 12th through Christmas Eve I will be doing an MP3 each day in a Christmas Theme for you to enjoy!

How can you get this Christmas Cheer? Just purchase my 12 days of Christmas Special!!! Inside you will find a link with a user name and password so you can see these VERY special, private blog posts here!

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day7my true love gave to me ... 7 clits a quivering

I have decided love... today is the day... as part of your Christmas present I want YOU to fuck me up the ass... 

7th day of Christmas!

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day6my true love gave to me ... 6 squirting orgasms

This is my confession, I got caught by the sales girl when I was being naughty in the dressing room. I had no choice baby... I had to eat her out...

6th day of Christmas!

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day5my true love gave to me....

5 cock rings....

In this installment I am innocently putting some presents under the tree when one of my presents starts to make noise... of course I have to open it...

5th day of Christmas!

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day4my true love gave to me... 4 foot fetishes... Or maybe a really hot pussy fuck in a fancy restaurant sitting across from your parents?

4th day of Christmas!

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day3my true love gave to me... 3 deep throats... when I snuck into the guest room where you were sleeping to have my wicked way with you when my parents were sleeping down the hall!!

3rd day of Christmas!

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